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FREE vstplanet.com   No.2 VST Instruments plugins- More Home Recording Ideas and Tips. The other type of plugins are what also know as VSTi, they take the form of software synthesizers and sampling units. They can be played in real time, or be used in with MIDI for live performances. What they are simply a software version of a piece of hardware that produces the same result. I have experimented with the Master Hammond B3 VST soft synth, which is the software version of the Hammond organ. Things have really changed now days you don't need to lug around an old heavy Hammond organ, instead it's lot nicer to pack around a version of the B3 Hammond around in my laptop is a whole lot easier! I have in my hard drive hundreds of folders
of various types of vst instruments that are pretty good most of them I found were free.

As I said I like free stuff just like everybody else. Free plugins are the just the ticket. It's a great idea for any budget home studio owner needing to get as many features out of his audio recording software as he possibly can.

Sometimes the compressors, EQ's and processors in your audio software isn't good enough for you and you want something else. You want something that sounds good and different and it's even better if that something can be for free. That's why I am writing blogs and I know that this one isn't only one out there; but with more information the better.

See video on Instrument plugins:



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