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WHERE TO START: First of all make a plan, if you don't you may spend more money than you wanted to. Below is some tips that may help. I use a combination of free and bought multichannel software. One of the recording apps that I have tried and used is Mix-craft by Acoustica, it is quite an full featured piece of software and very affordable. Mix-craft comes loaded with tons of vsti plug-ins, and effects that will help you get started, the other parts of your studio is hard ware such as small mixer board, microphones, amplifier, speakers, headphone and a good location to work from.

Here is a list that can help!
1. You need a computer (PC) or (MAC) any will do the job. Make shure you have a least 1.25 GHz 1.00 &1.00 GB of RAM.
2. Plan where you want to work from like a spare bed room ect...
3. Equipment needed :
(1) microphones I use an SHURE SM58
(2) get quality speakers.
(3) small amplifier strong enough to handle the volume to hear all your music creations.
(4) headphones KOSS UR-20 what ever you want.
(5) audio interface as m-audio
(6) software such as mix-craft, Sony, Ableton Live, Cubase,
(7) vsti plug-ins try to use free ones.

Video below will show you how to use Mix-Craft:



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